You will find our Primary Election Voters' Guide on the Fort Bend County Voters' Guide Page of this website.

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At the write idea we believe in true democracy where #WeThePeople make the determination regarding who represents us. We strongly believe in good government.

The best way to get good government is if WE, the voters, have access to all candidate and issue information.

Our goal is to present Fort Bend County candidate information in a non- partisan and unbiased fashion, giving you resources and the facts, so YOU can decide on who best represents your ideaology.

There is no written rule that every candidate in any given party must represent your ideals in every way. It is incumbent upon US to seek out the best, most qualified candidates.

If you become aware of candidate events where voters can hear from ALL candidates OR an individual candidate's event where all voters are welcome and can meet and greet a candidate, shoot us an email at:

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